• Rosa Ansari

    Parental leave. Substitute during this period is Dentist Kerstin Höglund.

    Rosa Ansari is a licensed dentist with a degree from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She has attended several supplementary trainings focused on oral prosthetics, TMJ/TMD disorders and aesthetic restorations. With experience from both Folktandvården as well as private dental clinics, Rosa has developed broad competence and expertize. Rosa has a holistic approach when it comes to dentistry which entails everything from preventive care to complex cases and aesthetic dentistry. No matter what treatment you need, she will ensure that you as a patient will always feel safe, comfortable and heard.

  • Inga Åman

    Dental nurse

    Inga Åman is the clinic’s dental nurse. She has been working with dental care since 2001 and brings calmness and harmony to any room she attends. She has several supplementary trainings and is specialized in giving painless anesthesia.

  • Jeanette Lindström

    Dental hygienist

    Jeanette Lindström graduated from Karolinska Institutet with a degree in dental hygiene and has also completed various further educations in the profession. Jeanette is positive and warm. She cares about her patients and takes time to adapt the treatment to each individual person. These are qualities that are highly valued, lead to good clinical results and create good relationships with patients.